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Corrugated Iron: Sheet iron formed with ridges by passing it between fluted rollers. Corrugated Pile: A precast, tapered, concrete pile with semi-cylindrical flutes running lengthwise, having reinforcing rods, and a two-inch hole in the centre for a jet. Corrugated Plate: A steel plate bent into a series of parallel furrows and ridges.

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Reinforced Polyolefin masterbatch is filled with a core shell structure model of the interface design of a new type of plasticizer, it is dispersed with a core shell structure of inorganic mineral ...

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"Matched Strength" Plate Design The cast iron plate is subjected to as much as 20 tons of string tension. The proper combination of plate design, back post structure and string tension provides enhanced tuning stability for decades of reliable performance. Mahogany Hammer Mouldings With its high strength-to-weight ratio, mahogany is a preferreda flat bottom with protection plate as in the case of Ladle "A." On Ladle "C," Figure 3, the bottom is dished and has no reinforcing plate. The stiffener rings are of equal size and comparatively small due to the heavier middle section of the shell between the rings. The trunnions are built up of plates with no ribs of the